Behrouz Pooladrak
Senior Front-End Developer & Designer


A person who fell in love with learning and developing.

Behrouz Pooladrak

My name is Behrouz. I am living in the mesmerizing Netherlands. I have been working in computer science since 2008 and have a strong background in developing and designing many projects, most of which are web/applications. I have helped many enterprises to achieve their objectives and improve their schemes. And in the last quite a few years alone, I have had my heart set on assisting many customers with practical and up-to-date solutions regarding front-end development . My real strength is discovering an innovative and beneficial way to crack the problem and break the undertaking into distinct sections. I pride myself on my reputation for developing accurately and swiftly with high-quality, creative resolutions. Based on the different tasks I have worked on, I realized I could quickly grasp new concepts and use them in real-world projects.


My astonishing journey in professional life.


  1. Senior Frontend Developer

    Senior Frontend Developer Current

    Elements / Makerstreet Amsterdam/Almere Netherlands May 2021 - Present
    • Develope and maintain the frontend of diffrent projects.
    Extra Points
    • Various experiences regarding the frontend development in different projects for companies like KPN, VNG, and others.
    Other Responsibilities
    • Frontend technical guide
    • Jonior Program Trainer
    TypeScript JavaScript Web components SCSS Jest React Stencil.js React Native Redux Toolkit React Query
  2. Senior Frontend Developer & Designer

    Senior Frontend Developer & Designer

    PayamPardaz Esfahan, Iran Mar 2017 - May 2021
    • Design and create the structure of the user interface.
    • Establish a single page application with angular.
    • Material design for user interface with new creative components based on the material design.
    • Automatic build and test with Microsoft Azure (TFS)
    • Protractor e2e test automation
    • User experience research and improvement
    • Graphic / User Interface design
    • Programming front end with typescript based on Angular framework.
    Extra Points
    • I possess excellent experience with work in an Agile environment.
    • Work on a large-scale project
    • Learn the new topics related to the network and security
    • Time management in challenging circumstances like release and demo times
    • Cooperate with teammates and learn new things in pair work
    • Improve my aptitude to communicate and have an appropriate presentation in front of many audiences.
    Other Responsibilities
    • Structural consultant
    • Creative consultant
    TypeScript JavaScript Angular Angular Material SCSS Jasmine Karma Adobe XD Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Animate React
  3. Senior Frontend Developer & Designer

    Senior Frontend Developer & Designer

    Clientime Canada Oct 2019 - Nov 2020

    This project is about a single-page application of the real estate house by Canadian standards. All process management systems like booking appointments, managing agents and offers, etc., are developed in a comprehensive all-in-one package. This online service provides everything related to registering agents, booking an appointment, offers and showing a house, reports, messaging desk, office management, and many minor modules, from recording to selling and feedback. UI/UX design with Adobe XD and developed with React.js Backend Django Rest Framework.

    • Design system and create the structure of the user interface from scratch.
    • UI/UX Design with Adobe XD.
    • Developed with React.
    • Deployed as PWA application.
    Other Responsibilities
    • Dev Manager
    • Creative consultant
    TypeScript JavaScript Bootstrap SCSS Jasmine Adobe XD React
  4. Developer & Designer

    Developer & Designer

    NanoApps Dubai Oct 2019 - Nov 2020
    • Nutty Hero iOS Game.
    • Naughty Blocks iOS Game.
    • Funny Blowing Shot iOS Application.
    • Design and User experience design to create the user interface structure with Adobe XD / Adobe Illustrator.
    • Develop iOS native application/game with swift.
    • Develop a blowing sound detector by analyzing the rate of the microphone.
    • Design a simple photo editor with a transparent object gallery for the FunnyBlowingShot application.
    • Game design and development with swift (Naughty Blocks).
    • Design and develop the game (Nutty Hero Endless Game)
    • Design assets (icon, screenshots, splash, etc.) for the AppStore.
    • Develop backend side that is related to store data and analytics of the projects.
    • Develop / Design company web site like AppStore design to display apps/games.
    • Animated sticker pack design/development with In-App purchase
    • Items /User Interface / Level / Characters Design.
    Extra Points
    • Improve experience with custom form management, Multilingual and switch between languages, Animated Splash, APNG, in-app purchase, ads in-app and random rate to show them, App rating and user feedback analysis, Auto Layout, TestFlight, Lottie Animation, Enterprise deployment, Ad-hoc, iTunes Connect, debug on the device, etc.
    • Experience from base sketch to develop and publish app in AppStore.
    • Work on different types of projects.
    • Fantastic experience about creating a game/app from scratch with many graphic elements that all of them should be in the same state and design method.
    • Creative application that detects the user blowing to a candle fire on the screen (with optional face detection) and takes a funny photo with a simple phone editor and Design a simple game only with the drawing method
    Other Responsibilities
    • iOS Developer
    • Game Developer
    TypeScript JavaScript Adobe XD Swift Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Animate ActionScript Swift
  5. Frontend/TV Application Developer & Designer

    Frontend/TV Application Developer & Designer

    LG Electronics South Korea Aug 2012 - Apr 2015
    • Developed Applications List: Astronomy App, Medicine Lab App, Mindfulness App, Biography App, Recipe App.
    • Develop with JavaScript language based on SDK of LG Smart TV.
    • Test and improve with the QA test team in Korea.
    • Publish in LG Smart TV Store
    • Design and develop the user interface.
    Extra Points
    • Creating an app for TV was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had, and I got more familiar with JS advanced techniques and how to use LG Smart TV SDK to develop an application for TV
    • Cooperate with testers and learn new things in pair work
    • Improve my aptitude to communicate and have an appropriate presentation in front of many audiences.
    JavaScript Vanila Js LG Smart TV SDK


I have had a great time working with Behrouz

“I have had a great time working with Behrouz. We have had great chats and shared a lot of knowledge. I have learned a lot while working with him. Behrouz blended in our team as if he had worked with us for years, he got acquainted with our stack in no time and delivered dry and excellent work. I would say Behrouz definitely lives up as a Senior Dev, even though he is blessed with a bright mind, he never hesitated having a call with the team to ask questions and deliver what was expected. It would be my honour to work with Behrouz in the future again. An amazing person to have as a colleague who I consider a friend for sure. Thank you Behrouz for being with us.”

Imran Khan
Senior Software Engineer at KPN

Behrooz is a person who is capable of turning an overwhelming project into a pleasing situation

“Behrooz is a person who is capable of turning an overwhelming complicated project into a manageable pleasing situation. We worked together in a team for two years and his professionalism and healthy perfectionism always motivated everybody to do their own part better. He raises the motivation of the whole team with his energetic and adventurous approach to solving problems. He possesses a powerful combination of expert knowledge and innate creativity. Last but not least, his artistic taste is worthy to be praised. I enjoyed working with Behrooz and highly recommend him as a professional designer and developer whose work in the team makes other team members strive for better results.”

Mohammad Javad Beheshtian
Senior Software Engineer at Ericsson

Behrouz was the front-end team lead for a key enterprise project

“Behrouz was the front-end team lead for a key enterprise project and I’ve been really lucky to be a member of his team for a year. The amount of effort Behrouz puts into delivering impactful, meaningful work while tutoring/managing a team is truly awesome. He is always available to support the people around him and is a supportive person. What I love about him is that he exactly knows what he wants to do due to his expertise and extensive experiences. He is truly creative and he's the one who brings a real energy to the room. I remember when encountering problems or tight deadlines, Behrouz's always been a calm, analytical, and clear-minded leader who strives for the best quality work even under intense pressure.”

Amir Khademi
Senior UX/UI Designer at E-FARM

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Pooladrak

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Pooladrak for six months at the PayamPardaz Company, collaborating on web design and development of a product. I've seen him not only excel at the core elements of his job -- like user interface design and user experience -- but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of his role, like graphic design for advertisement of the company’s products. No matter how tense a working day, he made sure everyone left the office with a smile. I have only optimistic predictions for his career trajectory.”

Atefeh Mohseni-Ejiyeh
Grad Student in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara


  1. English


    Professional working proficiency
  2. Dutch


    Elementary proficiency


Excellent moments, challenging and exciting projects, and learning opportunities.

  1. StembureauApp

    StembureauApp Current

    Elements / KPN / VNG Feb 2022 - Present


    Work as a frontend developer of the StembureauApp, an application that provides you with real-time insight into the elections. There is no more black-box during elections, but you are continuously informed of what is going on. As chairperson at the polling station, it supports you with executing all actions. It provides you with a direct line of communication through which you can submit problems or express your concerns. You can see the live turnout in his municipality, per polling station, district, or city center. And all at the same time if you want. You can send unforeseen circumstances per polling station ad hoc and gain insight into fraud attempts. You have the option to remotely resolve counting differences, which means a significant improvement in the quality of the process reports.

    TypeScript JavaScript SCSS React Redux Toolkit React Query
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  2. IND Appointment hunter

    IND Appointment hunter

    Personal May 2022 - May 2022


    A straightforward and easy-to-use tool that comforts you to inspect for newly vacant or recently canceled appointments in IND and hunt the appointment spots.

    TypeScript JavaScript React Formik React Query
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  3. DePeiling Application(EenVandaag)

    DePeiling Application(EenVandaag)

    AvroTros Jan 2022 - Jan 2022


    Work as React Native application developer of DePeiling, and the Poll is the political analysis of EenVandaag, conducted by research agency Ipsos. At 'De Polling,' people can distribute ten votes instead of one. These can all be given to the same party if one is sure of their preference. They can also be split between two of several parties. Work as React Native application developer of DePeiling, and the Poll is the political analysis of EenVandaag, conducted by research agency Ipsos. At 'De Polling,' people can distribute ten votes instead of one. These can all be given to the same party if one is sure of their preference. They can also be split between two of several parties.

    TypeScript JavaScript React React Native GraphQL React Query
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  4. Service Tools KPN

    Service Tools KPN

    KPN Jan 2021 - Dec 2021


    Develop KPN service tools features based on native web components with Stenciljs, which uses the shadow DOM and makes it possible to use them with any framework or library without any conflict or problem; in addition, it has a significant advantage regarding the infrastructure ready for micro-frontend architecture.

    TypeScript JavaScript Stenciljs Web Components Micro-Frontend Architecture
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My lovely and exciting experiences in the developmen adventure.

A preview of XKCD Explorer App
XKCD Explorer App

A simplistic XKCD strip explorer application.

Source Code Preview
A preview of Series list for Smart TV app
Series list for Smart TV app

A simple and efficient app that shows the listing series and is specifically designed for Smart TV.

Source Code Preview
A preview of Postcard Editor
Postcard Editor

A postcard editor with React and Fabric uses the Canvas to manage a simple postcard editor.

Source Code Preview

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